48 – 10 Worst Foods For Men Over 40

48 - 10 Worst Foods For Men Over 40

As trainers and coaches, we talk more about what foods to eat, as opposed to what to avoid. If you’re wondering why you’re not getting results, maybe it’s because you’re eating foods that you should be avoiding – food that’s killing your testosterone. And we know that everything that we men want, whether it’s burning…

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47 – How To Strengthen Your Immunity with Dr. Jockers

47 - How To Strengthen Your immunity with Dr. Jockers

Have you been taking vitamins, exercising, and doing everything the internet tells you to improve your immune system? You’re not alone. The immune system helps the body fight off disease and during this time, we’re all working on strengthening our immune system to help fight off the coronavirus. In today’s episode, I am joined by…

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46 – Men’s Stress Management with Dr. Dominika Zarzeczny

Episode 46 - Men's Stress Management

Do you need help managing stress? Take notes! Today Dr. Dominika tells us the meaning of stress and how to cope with it. She defines stress as the demand placed on an individual that is greater than his/her resources and their ability to cope. She explains the three elements that improve our resilience to stress:…

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