Episode 93 – Dr. Stephen Anton – Best Testosterone Supplement for Men Over 40

Let’s admit it. The alpha men need help. Yes, there’s the mindset, nutrition, exercise, recovery, and sleep, but sometimes, there’s also the supplementation. Today, we have Dr. Stephen Anton joining us to talk about the Alpha Max Test 3D, an all-natural testosterone booster. Dr. Stephen Anton is a Professor and Chief of Clinical Research in…

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Episode 92 – Ricky Brandon – Why You Should Be Getting Your Hormones Tested

  Is your testosterone working for you or against you? Funk Roberts is joined by Ricky Brandon, a co-founder of Hormone Balance Centers, who specializes in using bio-identical hormone therapy to restore and maintain optimal hormone levels. He and his wife Candy are on a mission of helping people live optimal lives by getting to…

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Episode 91- Bj Gaddour – The Godfather of Metabolic Training

It’s BJ Gaddour, the godfather of metabolic training, in the house and he’s here to share how metabolic training came to be. He shares how several misses and personal struggles led to the discovery of this one workout that has changed the lives of thousands of men, including Funk. As a matter of fact, Funk…

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