Episode 90 – 10 Commandments of Nutrition for Men Over 40 with Funk Roberts

The alpha male is confident and well-rounded. He doesn’t say no to life challenges, he faces them head-on. To do that, he needs to look good and feel good, inside out. But if your health is declining, your vigor is not as strong as it used to be, and you feel sluggish or sickly at times, it will show on the outside and affects your daily disposition and how you react to even the smallest things. In this episode, Funk reveals the key to alpha performance and health all men aspire to have. He shares the 10 commandments he and the alpha brotherhood live by that are aiding them in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond to be the best, strongest, and healthiest they can be – every day.

“Having strategies over your guilt-free meals is POWER.” —Funk Roberts

In This Episode: 

– Nutrition is made in the kitchen. Find out why

– Things you want to learn and tools you need to have to achieve the body and fitness goals you’ve set

– The work that the alpha male do to be the alpha that they are

– 10 rules of nutrition, workouts, and mindset that allow minimal to almost zero margins of error and guaranteed success

– Learn how you could be “feminizing” diets and why you shouldn’t do this

Types of diets you should stay away from and the things you’re keeping that are not working

Types of protein you need that offer the highest quality you can get for your body

Check out what a balanced plate and guilt-free meal looks like




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Episode 90 – 10 Commandments of Nutrition for Men Over 40 with Funk Roberts



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