Episode 89 – Invest and Make Money with Vacation Properties featuring Davelle Morrison

One of the most important aspects of being an alpha is having control of every aspect of your life, be it your health, your career, your personal relationships, and your finances. In this episode, Funk will be speaking with someone who’s been there, and done that to help give insight to the brotherhood on how to invest and make money with vacation properties. Davelle Morrison is a best-selling author, who has a degree in Management Policy and Finance and is a successful real estate investor around the globe. She’s here to help you get access to a wealth of information, everything you need to know about real estate investing, and the best courses to gain knowledge from.

“Having a good quality of life going forward is awesome but on the wealth front, how do we pay for that? We’re living a good life now but we need to be able to pay for a life where we’re not working anymore.” —Davelle Morrison

In This Episode: 

– Davelle inspires the brotherhood to ponder on how they want their retirement to look like and how to prepare for it

-How to start investing in vacation rental property when you don’t have the money, to begin with

-Here’s how you can afford to live long without having to work after your retirement age

-Why it’s worth investing in aesthetics when it comes to property management

-Discover the power of modeling and being raised by parents who can demonstrate the value of investments and passive income

Learn the key to becoming an incredibly secure alpha

Davelle explains why it’s okay to fail and what the acronym F.E.A.R. is all about

These are the things you need to know and ask before investing in vacation property rentals

Why one income stream is not enough




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Episode 89 – Invest and Make Money with Vacation Properties featuring Davelle Morrison


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