56 – The #1 Weight Loss Program for Men Over 40 – Proven to Boost Testosterone TOO!

Episode 56: The #1 Weight Loss Program for Men Over 40 – Proven to Boost Testosterone TOO!

The past year has been such an eye-opener to most of us especially in the aspect of keeping our health and fitness in check. This New Year, a new decade has begun and there couldn’t be a better time to continue what we have started over the past year than now. Today. Robert Funk invites men in their 40s to join the program he created that helps men lose weight, for real! This program uniquely addresses hormonal issues the majority of men don’t even know they have and reap a fit physique as a by-product. Find out how to make 2021 your most fit and body awesome year, by far, and get your testosterones revved up! 

“The first thing you gotta focus on is your mindset. What is your WHY? If you don’t have that path, then you will not be able to stay in the program.—Funk Roberts

In This Episode:

– If you want to lose weight, get your testosterone levels in check! 

– There’s a “natural” way to boost your testosterone because you DON’T want the unnatural way with all its side effects

– What the doctors are telling you that you MUST NOT succumb to, and the less costly, way better alternative.

– Low testosterone levels have a high correlation with suicides – discover the symptoms of low testosterone.

– The fitness program that’s kicking the horrible campaign telling men it’s okay to fall out of shape when they hit their 40s

– How the number 1 weight loss program is helping men get the results they wanted, and the role of WHY in the overall picture. 


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