Episode 119 – How To Bounce Back From Divorce with Jeremy D Murphy

In This Episode:

    • Jeremy shares his origin story: Meeting his wife in his high school and fighting MMA 
    • How did Jeremy deal with the challenges of feeling alienated after his divorce when friends didn’t reach out? 
    • How do you fill yourself up with self-love and ‘feed the right beast’?
    • Fulfilling an unspoken promise to be better than you’ve ever been before
    • Breaking down Faith: seeing practical ways to connect with yourself through self-talk
    • What does taking internal and external inventory look like?
    • Unpacking our innate desire to live beyond ourselves and impact others
    • How to show your wife that you are a strong man who is working for his purpose
    • Why every man needs 3 to 5 other humble, hard working, honorable men in his team

How do you bounce back from divorce? How does the KING cultivate and create FIGHT to find purpose once he loses his QUEEN and has to build a new KINGDOM?


Jerermy ‘D’ Murphy is a former MMA fighter turned coach, personal trainer, and now teacher who is helping men turn their pain into purpose.  


He does this using the FIGHT acronym. Find out just what that means in today’s epic Over 40 Alpha podcast episode that is designed to help you cultivate and create the FIGHT you need to find purpose and bounce back from divorce!


Meeting his first love in high school, getting married, having children, doing the best he could, fighting MMA, and losing a father figure all left Jeremy feeling like he was going through the motions in a marriage without intimacy.


There will be a lot of men in the Over 40 Alpha community who will relate to Jeremy’s story: why he pulled the trigger on getting divorced when he felt that life was passing him by, and how he then got up from the canvas and overcame his depression.


This is about the power of reaching out to men in your community, becoming the phoenix who rises from the ashes, and finding a faith that you can practically work with. 


This is about taking external and internal inventory to build your confidence and realize you have more than you thought. This is “Solventry”. 


These are just some of the powerful themes Jeremy and Funk dive deep on in this epic, empowering episode. 


Learn how to achieve a 360 degree view of your life that will make it hard for you not to win. Tune in, turn up, show up. This is our purpose. It’s time to F.I.G.H.T back!



“Faith can be practical. Faith can be: what does your self-talk look like? What do you tell yourself when you’re doing well? What do you tell yourself when you didn’t do so well? How do you re-program yourself to be on your own team?” 

—Jeremy Murphy


Connect with Funk Roberts:

Connect with Funk Roberts:

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