Episode 85 – 9 Top Immune Boosters

Can alpha males become stronger and healthier with age? Funk says it’s possible! The key to getting stronger as you get older is a robust immune system. In this episode, he shares the top 9 strategies he and the brotherhood are doing to boost their immune systems. He also talks about the benefits of having…

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Episode 84 – How to Optimize Your Hormones for More Muscle Gains and Fat Loss

Are you ready for the next generation in weight loss? The Over 40 Alpha’s secret is out! In this episode, Funk talks about the HUGE role that hormones play in weight and fat loss.  For them, it’s not the hyped restrictive diets that are too stressful that work but the religious tuning into the body’s…

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Episode 83 – Alpha Success Stories with Rob Raimondo

When’s the last time you took a good, lingering look at the mirror and appreciated what you saw? This is a story of celebration for the brotherhood’s new captain, Rob Raimondo. In this episode, he shares his journey from fit to fat to fit again. Sounds familiar? Yes, he didn’t grow up fat. He acquired…

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