#ASKFUNK Ep 3 – An Insider View of the Alpha Male’s Diet, Nutrition, Unique Workout, and Special Programs Designed For the Brotherhood

#ASKFUNK Ep 3 - An Insider View of the Alpha Male’s Diet, Nutrition, Unique Workout, and Special Programs Designed For the Brotherhood

The Alpha Brotherhood is taking Funk inside their kitchens to check out what’s lurking in their pantries. Do they have the right stocks that are supportive of their health and weight goals? Are they taking the right meals and drinks that won’t jeopardize the programs and workout routines they’ve enlisted in? Is there a chance they could be making progress with their goals even when the weighing scale screams otherwise? Are you curious about what’s going on inside the brotherhood and want to hear what the members are saying? Join this episode of #AskFunk and get the questions you cannot voice out, aired, and answered today! (Bonus! Have an early peek at what to look forward to this October and November. Lots of promos and discounts for the members of the brotherhood and aspiring members. New programs and challenges are waiting for you!)

“Your task is to follow the alpha program designed for you until you get the result and it becomes a lifestyle. When you keep adding things, it becomes complicated.” —Funk Roberts 

In This Episode:

 – Recognize the food sources, ingredients, drinks, and oils that are testosterone boosters and those that are not, and why it’s best to stick it out with your food guide

– Recognize the reason why your goals are often interrupted and the things you love doing that are prolonging your results

– The best supplements to take before, during, and after a workout, and how they work uniquely depending on your goals

– Learn the difference between animal protein and plant-based protein, which one is recommended for the alpha male, and the food that carries the highest amount of protein, based from the biological scale of proteins

– How to get leaner and healthier even when you’re not losing weight

– Why a late onset of muscle soreness occurs and the phase in the program when you are advised to stop using the scale

– When dumbbells are not available (you can’t go to the gym, dumbbells are expensive, etc), check out the Funk recommended options you can do or use to help you with your much-needed resistance training


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