#ASKFUNK Ep 1 – All About Men’s Health, Fitness, Nutrition, and Their Oozing Testosterones

#ASKFUNK Ep 1: All About Men’s Health, Fitness, Nutrition, and Their Oozing Testosterones

This is the first of more segments to come where Robert Funk answers all questions, no holds barred, from the brotherhood. He’s sharing it for all men who’re listening to get answers to the same questions they might have. It may also answer questions they didn’t know they should be asking. Upon reaching their 40s, men’s hormones and testosterone levels go through a lot of changes. That’s the reason why their food and nutrition need some adjustments to accommodate these changes. Find out what type of supplements you should be taking, what kind of workout and how often, and the programs you can join to level up your fitness goals. 

“There will always be birthdays and other holidays. You have to bulletproof yourself from that with a strong WHY” —Funk Roberts 

In This Episode:

– Why men, especially in their 40s, need vitamins and supplements

– The top 4 “men vitality stack” every man should be taking and what they can do to your body

– Men have HORMONE fluctuations too! 

– It’s NOT about burning yourself out of a workout, it’s about building muscles.

– Ways you can boost your testosterone the natural way – beware, there are testosterone-killing foods you might be taking!

– The purpose of having a strong WHY and its relevance to men’s health, vitality, and fitness


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– “What is Your Why” Coaching Video here and here

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