76 – The 7 Benefits Of Testosterone For Men Over 40

76 - The 7 Benefits Of Testosterone For Men Over 40

Wednesday November 17 is Testosterone Awareness Day brought to you by Funk Roberts and Over 40 Alpha

As we anticipate the first-ever World Testosterone Awareness Day celebration happening on November 17, Funk presents another episode of the testosterone series. We often hear people say, “ignorance is bliss,” or “what you don’t know can’t hurt you”. But when it comes to ignorance about the role of testosterone in men, that is an entirely different story. As a matter of fact, it can be such a tragic story because, without testosterone, men can never be who they wish to become. Once and for all, have a better understanding of what testosterone is, what benefits it has to offer to mankind, and how to boost testosterone production for optimal benefits.

We are in a pandemic of low amounts of testosterone and millions of men are clueless about the benefits of testosterone.” —Funk Roberts

In This Episode:

– Learn exactly how much testosterone has declined from the past 30 years versus how much estrogen levels have increased in men, and why these statistics are quite alarming.

– Identify the correlation between low testosterone and the struggles that men in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond are currently facing.

– Understand the difference between the number of bioavailable testosterone from testosterone that is not free or non-bioavailable. 

– Figure out the disconnect between losing fat and weight to getting healthy, and building muscles and testosterone.

– Determine the amount of testosterone level men should be striving for and the natural ways to boost and maintain it.

– Understand the flow of testosterone production and the 7 major reasons why men need to increase their testosterone levels.


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