74 – 10 Signs you have LOW Testosterone

74 - 10 Signs you have LOW Testosterone

We’re always putting a lot of stress on the T-word in previous episodes, but we never seem to get the emphasis across – or at least, not as strong as we need to. To all the men out there, especially those who are in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, your TESTOSTERONE is KEY if you want to keep on being the ALPHA male that you are. If you want to live on with your mental, emotional, and physical health in tip-top shape, you need to keep that testosterone level from declining. To do that, you have to recognize the early signs that tell you when it’s in a normal ratio against your estrogen level or when it’s critically low. Listen in to find out what those signs are and what you can do to naturally reverse the numbers before they start becoming a threat to your manhood.

Testosterone means you are going to be the man you were put on this earth to be: to provide, to protect, to procreate.” —Funk Roberts

In This Episode:

– Uncover the reason that’s keeping you from hitting your weight goals despite all the efforts you’re putting in with your workout.

– Why testosterone earned a terrible reputation this 2021 and the truth that men have to pay attention to, instead.

– Adverse effects of low testosterone levels that are causing men who are in their 40s, 50s, and 60s to feel helpless and less of a man.

– The kind of diet and lifestyle recommended for the alpha male to naturally increase their testosterone levels.

– Understand the role of aromatase in the decline of testosterone levels and how aromatase inhibitors are activated to suppress this decline. 

– Bonus: A phenomenal event happening on November 16 that is sure to get the alpha brotherhood reeling with excitement!


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