69 – How to Recover from A Bereavement with Dan Cross Co-Founder StrongMen

69 - How to Recover from A Bereavement with Dan Cross Co-Founder StrongMen

Even soldiers, they too, get wounded in a fight, right? Men, just because they were born to be strong and brave, can’t have moments of weakness. Today’s episode features an alpha male who went through the worst of pains – losing the love of his life in a traumatic way and having to face the monster truth of having to live life on his own, without her by his side. Dan Cross is the co-founder of StrongMen, a support group for men who are grieving the loss of someone or something dear to them. He shares how he reached rock bottom and what made him live through the trauma. He also shares the steps he had to take to help himself get back up on his feet, and things he did to help him recover and heal successfully. Tune in and find out how you, too, can #bareyourself, unveil the “stronger man” within, and become the ultimate alpha male that you are.

All I knew was I had to try and be as strong as I could for my children. It was all about taking care of myself so I could take care of them, and that was the best decision I ever made.

Funk Roberts

In This Episode:

– The story of grief, pain, and trauma that gave birth to strong men and made it a solace for alpha men coming to terms with their inner warrior.

– Identify the makings of a strong man, what he is and what he’s not. 

– Learn how to turn a life of hell into a life that is not perfect but happier and better, and the importance of having a support group.

– What overcoming grief and suffering can teach you in terms of dealing with people who are currently in the throes of grief and pain, and the effective therapies recommended for them.

– Discover how you can truly #bareyourself and why doing so can turn your life upside down. 

– Learn how to be okay with being okay sans the guilt of being freed from the chains of grief.

– Why strong men need to learn how to surrender and just “feel”. 


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