54 – The Disciplined Mind

The Disciplined Mind

This episode is dedicated to all alpha males out there who finally want to get their lives sorted, and start achieving their goals. I’ll be talking about the “D” word, something more scary than commitment for most folks – discipline! Find out how this trait is influential to your success and directly impacts the way you live your life. Learn how to cultivate the habits that build up your mental discipline. Finally, create the RIGHT systems that will prevent you from getting side-tracked from your goals. 

“Discipline is like a mental muscle. You gotta stress it, you gotta challenge it, and you gotta put pressure on it.” —Funk Roberts

In This Episode:

– How motivation and discipline are often mixed up and which carries a heavier weight

– Why exercising discipline is a real challenge and how your identity is key to overcoming that challenge

– The HUGE impact of quitting on the little things

– How your systems determine the results you generate

– Learn to FAIL systematically

– Discipline is not taught, it IS seen

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