48 – 10 Worst Foods For Men Over 40

48 - 10 Worst Foods For Men Over 40

As trainers and coaches, we talk more about what foods to eat, as opposed to what to avoid. If you’re wondering why you’re not getting results, maybe it’s because you’re eating foods that you should be avoiding – food that’s killing your testosterone. And we know that everything that we men want, whether it’s burning belly fat, increasing energy, improving your nervous system, better libido, more comfort, or whatever it is, comes from our testosterone levels. So today, I’m going to reveal the ten foods men over 40 should avoid.

“You can’t outsmart a bad diet.”

– Funk Roberts

In this episode:

– Good health is not only in the workouts you do but also in the nutrition intake.

– Sugars and its relation to body fat, inflammation, and low testosterone levels.

– How are beer, dairy, soy, and GMO’s related?

– Why should you get your Monster energy drinks kicked out of your hands?

– What oils should you be using in the kitchen?

– The dangers of mint, peppermint, and spearmint.

– Flaxseed is great but stay away from it if you’re over 40!

– The overflowing sodium, trans fats, calories, and sugars in processed foods.

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