Episode 102 – Muscle Talk 2 with Funk and Flex – Importance of Functional Training

This is episode 102 of the podcast, but episode 2 of our Muscle Talk. In this section, my co-host Flex Marks and I discuss muscle, strength training, building muscle, and getting strong. We share information for men in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond because we have no room for error.    Flex has…

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Episode 101 – 5 Hormones that Are Killing Your Testosterone Levels

Hormones are chemical substances that coordinate several functions in the body. They deliver messages to cells, tissues, and organs so they can perform their regular operations. Besides, hormones control metabolism, growth and development, homeostasis, sexual function, reproduction, mood, and the sleep-wake cycle.    Male hormones, including testosterone, play a significant role in a male’s reproductive…

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Episode 100 – Why Core Strength Matters More Than Ever After The Age 40 – Core Training for Men Over 40

As you age, maintaining and improving your core strength becomes increasingly important. A fit core helps prevent injury and improve your overall fitness. Furthermore, it plays a vital role in maintaining balance, posture, and mobility.   During this episode, you’ll learn what makes up your core region. And we’ll also explore the costs of having…

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