Mike Dolce Talks UFC, Testosterone, Fad Diets and Health for Men Over 40

In This Episode: Join The Over 40 Alpha Brotherhood today for JUST $1!! – https://www.over40alpha.com/over-40-alpha-main-sales-page Welcome to the Over 40 Alpha Podcast! Today, I’m thrilled to have Mike Dolce, an MMA legend and nutrition expert, joining us. We’re cutting through the noise of fitness fads to focus on what really matters for guys over 40:…

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Master the Secrets of Testosterone and Hormonal Health

In This Episode: 01:14 – What you need to know about testosterone and hormonal health 01:39 – Checking out the Over 40 Alpha Brotherhood Workout Nutrition Program 07:39 – Insights from coaching calls about testosterone and hormones 11:30 – Getting into the nitty-gritty of testosterone 12:59 – Sharing some personal experiences and transformations 01:11:32 –…

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Importance of Sleep for Men Over 40

In This Episode: 01:48 Introducing sleep expert Nick Lambe: from Rehab to Sleep Coaching 07:16 The evolution of sleep awareness in the fitness industry 29:07 Breaking down sleep: the three essential mechanisms 46:11 The prime time for training: night classes unveiled 47:24 Adjusting to late night training: strategies for better sleep 48:41 Unlocking the secrets…

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