Episode 97 – 5 Mistakes Men Over 40 Make When Trying To Lose Weight

When men over 40 want to change their habits, they start strong. They go to the gym and commit to losing weight. But then they end up falling off, quitting, and not getting the expected results. This happens because they make specific mistakes. I also made these mistakes while struggling to burn my belly fat.…

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Episode 96 – The Over 40 Alpha Program

Are you growing a mustache for Movember and thinking that’s enough to present as a pillar ‘Alpha’ in your community? If you want to put men’s health front and center, it starts with you, here, now. It’s paying $1 to join the Over 40 Alpha Program specifically designed for men (like you) to set you…

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Episode 95 – Ruston Webb – Fix Your Knee Pain Forever

  What happens when we stop moving? That’s probably the day we stopped breathing. Moving is as essential to living and that’s something Ruston Webb has proven not just from countless research and studies but from his own experience dealing with people who are suffering from various types of pain. Ruston is the brotherhood’s resident…

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