Ep 146 – The Full Body Fix with Robbie Stahl (The Fitness Doctor)

In This Episode Men face unique physiological challenges as they age, such as increased stiffness, shoulder pain, and other joint issues. Hence, older men must maintain mobility and proper body mechanics while training to avoid injuries and ensure long-term functionality.   Fitness expert Robbie Stahl, known as “The Fitness Doctor, ” joins me today to…

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Episode 145 – Total Recovery Tactics: From Physical Healing to Mental Resilience

In This Episode Age-related physiological changes, such as decreased testosterone, muscle loss, and slowed metabolism, are inevitable. However, we can adapt to these changes with comprehensive recovery routines for a longer, healthier life.   This episode lets you in on a coaching call during which I shared the best strategies for optimizing physical and mental…

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Episode 144 – The Benefits of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine with Dr. Jeffrey Gross

In This Episode Stem cell therapy has multiple benefits for older men, including regenerating damaged tissues, anti-aging, joint pain relief, and inflammation reduction. A 20-year study in France involving patients booked for knee replacement surgery showed that 80% of the patients who received bone injections didn’t need the surgery 15 years later.    My guest,…

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