Episode 107 – 8 Controllables for Optimal Health for Men Over 40 with Justin Roethlingshoefer

In This Episode: Justin’s background Early interest in Heart Rate Variability An integrated and holistic approach to health  The “fake health” state Description of the 8 controllables  Protocols to implement in times of high stress Power of the acronym PREPARE Role of wearables in HRV When it comes to our health, we know our destination.…

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Episode 106 – Sports Pilates for Men Over 40 with Dr. Eoin Everard

In This Episode: Eoin Everard’s background Creating pilates standing exercises  Difference between yoga and pilates Benefits of pilates for runners Specific characteristics of Sports Pilates  The goal behind looking good  Different types of workouts, according to Ancient Greeks How to try Sport Pilates Mobility must be a pillar in our workouts. It ensures we stay…

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Episode 105 – Gut Health Part 2 – A Better Way to Get More Fibre with Supergut CEO Marc Washington

In This Episode: Marc Washington’s background Moments that drove Marc to become an entrepreneur Supergut origin story Types of products created by Supergut Definition of functional food  The secret power of green bananas Impact of taste when establishing a habit  Where to start if you want to try Supergut products How having a community can…

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