Episode 143 – Bandology 101: The Power of Resistance Band Training for Men Over 40

In This Episode Regular bodyweight movements are a great start to your fitness journey. However, as you grow older, you need integrated exercises that enable you to move in different angles and planes, build muscle, improve flexibility, and build strength without injuries.     Functional training with resistance bands helps you achieve these fitness goals and…

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Episode 142 – Reversing Insulin Resistance for Optimal Metabolic Health With Dr. Morgan Nolte

In This Episode About 88% of adults have a degree of insulin resistance, which is a silent contributor to chronic health conditions, including Alzheimer’s, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. The condition is both pervasive and easy to miss, making it a critical health issue to address.   My guest, Dr. Morgan Nolte, explains…

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Episode 141 – Harnessing Scalar Energy to Revitalize Health and Wellness for Men Over 40

In This Episode The concept of scalar energy is as intriguing as it is innovative. Today’s guest will shed light on the untapped potential of this unique form of energy and how it can revolutionize your health.   I’m excited to introduce Tom Paladino, a pioneering researcher in scalar energy. Tom shares captivating insights into…

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