Episode 125 – 10 Vital Energy-Boosting Nutrition Tips for Men Over 40

In This Episode: The importance of balanced plate meals Crafting an energizing breakfast How to hydrate properly Why a balanced lunch is a game-changer Boosting testosterone levels naturally What are complex carbs, and why you should eat them? Tips for exercising consistently The connection between sleep and nutrition   Strategies for managing stress   As men…

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Episode 124 – The Importance Of Human Growth Hormones With Dustin Baker

In This Episode: What is Human Growth Hormone? The connection between sarcopenia and HGH What is insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), and why is it relevant? The #1 natural strategy for increasing your levels of HGH The history of HGH synthetic treatments  How can you find the right HGH treatment for you   I’m always…

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Episode 123 – Optimizing Your Immune System With Dr. Cori Stern

In This Episode: Connection between natural healing and chiropractic medicine  Key nutrients your body needs The impact of pathogens and heavy metals on your health Symptoms of a weak immune system What to do if you’re healthy but still have symptoms Strategies for optimizing your immune system   You may think that you will stop…

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