Is Your Oral Health Quietly Destroying Your Testosterone Levels with Trina Felber

In This Episode: 06:00 How does a registered nurse become a natural dental health expert? 11:05 What is the oral microbiome? 16:45 Why we need to protect our nitric oxide production! 18:45 What to look for in a mouthwash 22:45 How to detox your mouth  27:15 Is fluoride good for you? 31:40 Learning to ask…

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Uncovering the Secrets to Longevity with Chris Burres

In This Episode: 04:00 Is Chris Burres the Joe Rogan of Longevity?  06:50 How did Chris get into longevity? 09:20 Calorie reduction to extend your life by 30% 10:45 Bringing ESS60 to market  14:40 Taking ESS60 in the morning for improved sleep 15:45 The importance of quality REM sleep 18:40 How are biohacking and longevity…

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Dementia Prevention with Dr. Mitch Clionski

In This Episode: Understanding dementia and its impact as we age What symptoms should we be looking for? Can you prevent dementia by taking good care of yourself? Can you reverse dementia when you get it? Lifestyle factors that lead to dementia Can stress lead to dementia?   How can we prevent dementia? Did you…

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