Episode 141 – Harnessing Scalar Energy to Revitalize Health and Wellness for Men Over 40

In This Episode The concept of scalar energy is as intriguing as it is innovative. Today’s guest will shed light on the untapped potential of this unique form of energy and how it can revolutionize your health.   I’m excited to introduce Tom Paladino, a pioneering researcher in scalar energy. Tom shares captivating insights into…

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Episode 140 – Redefining Latino Masculinity for Men Over 40

In This Episode The traditional expectations of stoicism in Latino culture limit many men from expressing their true selves. Add to that, the societal pressure to achieve the American dream pushes about 4 million Latinos in the US into severe depression every year, with many opting to commit suicide instead of seeking help.   Dr.…

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Episode 139 – 10 Commandments of Supplementation for Men Over 40

  Most of us understand that nutrition is a critical pillar of health and wellness. But sometimes, despite our efforts to eat a balanced diet daily, we still have dietary deficiencies, partly because food quality has changed over the years. Nutritional supplements help us compensate for the deficiencies and improve our overall health. So, today,…

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